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In this work I research the formation and transformation of structures on an aesthetic level.
During the stitching process, the resulting structures slowly become unstable due to a small variation in movement and then change their pattern. Sometimes the pattern stays altered, sometimes it jumps back to the structure before it changed. 
The paper sculptures show the same cuts, but when bending in one or the other direction, they become individual bodies. 
The aquarelle drawings emerge when moving the hand in a constant rhythm from left to right, similar to the writing process. While the process of each line is the same, none of them are identical, as the color loses it´s intensity - sometimes sooner, sometimes later. 
The quiet, intimate stitching process, the simple cutting and bending of paper, as well as the drawings which emerge through copying the physical motion of writing, all these delicate practices indicate big questions about the transformation of existing structures. 




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