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I see myself primarily as a draftswoman, researching different materials through drawing: paper, wood, 35mm film, textile.

In my artistic work I deal with the inconspicuous, the immediate, the in-between.

I am also interested in transformation processes. Natural forms overlap clear constructions, fine lines swallow the intense color behind it and seemingly intact structures slowly start to crumble. My work is a kind of reflection of our current existence, shaped by mutually complementary contradictions. The emerging drawings are more a conjecture than a fact, invisible instead of visible, doubtful instead of firmly convinced.

My colour palette is limited to black and white and shades of grey. Through this reduction I manage to uncover the core of the work, like the skeleton of a leaf. 

P1019996 Kopie.jpg


2022 - ongoing, Teaching Activity (Art) at BORG Kindberg and HLW Krieglach, Austria
2021/22 (July), Art Workshops at an inclusive summer camp, Graz/Austria
2017-2019, Art mediator at the Albertina Museum, Vienna/Austria



lives and works in Steiermark, Austria

b. 1994 in Graz, Austria

2022 - ongoing Master of Arts in Education (University of Applied Arts Vienna)
2022 Bachelor of Arts (University of Applied Arts Vienna)
2013 Graduation with Honors / A-Levels (Vienna Fashion Institute Hetzendorf)


Solo Exhibitions

2024, Flügel, Flughafengalerie Graz, Graz/Austria

2023, Soft Skills, Macherei, Bruck an der Mur/Austria

2022, On Repeat, Textilgalerie, Vienna/Austria
2022, Fragmente des Seins, Galerie K, Kindberg/Austria

2021, Leise Ideen, Kunst Offspace Narrenkastl, Frohnleiten/Austria

Selected Group Exhibitions

2024, Schaufenster: Raum für die Wartberger Kunst, Dorfstraße, Wartberg/Austria

2023, Angewandte Festival, University of Applied Arts, Vienna/Austria

2023, Back to Black, Photon Galerija, Maribor/Slovenia

2022, Rotlicht Festival, Atelierhaus Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna/Austria
2022, Metamorphosen, Kulturverein KULM, Pischelsdorf/Austria

2022, Back to Black, Photon Galerija, Ljubljana/Slovenia

2021, Atem holen. Hineinhören. - Kunstgarten, Graz/Austria

2020, Das Tier der Zukunft, Kulturverein KULM, Pischelsdorf/Austria

2020, Zweitraum Festival, Base, Graz/Austria
2019, Der Mensch der Zukunft, Kulturverein KULM, Pischelsdorf/Austria
2019, PaperLAB, Papiermachermuseum, Steyrermühl/Austria

2018, Photo Graz 018, Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz/Austria

2019-2023 I have been part of "Photo Graz Selection" (organized by Gerhard Groß from Kulturvermittlung Steiermark), which is a selection of styrian artists working in the field of fine art photography. Within this project, my work has been exhibited in group show settings in Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia.


2019, Kulturverein KULM, Pischelsdorf/Austria

Public Collections

Land Steiermark

Stadt Graz

Publications + Press


2023, Parnass Magazin

2021, Bezirksrevue Graz Umgebung

2021, Wind! Vom ästhetischen Nutzen der Bewegung der Luft
      (Liddy Scheffknecht, Universität für angewandte Kunst)

2021, Photo Graz 020 Catalogue

2020, Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine

2018, Photo Graz 018 Catalogue


Artist Talks

2022, "Analogue Austria", Photon Gallery Ljubljana

2020, Letizia Plankensteiner Schmuckunikate

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