lives and works in Steiermark and Vienna, Austria

b. 1994 in Graz, Austria

currently studying at the University of Applied Arts Vienna 
2008 - 2013 Vienna Fashion Institute, Textile Design


Solo Exhibitions



Leise Ideen - Kunst Offspace Narrenkastl, Frohnleiten/Austria

Open Day - Das Co-Werk, Kindberg/Austria

Selected Group Exhibitions


Photo Graz Selection IV - Galerija Zuccatto, Poreć/Croatia

Photo Graz 020 - Altes Kino, Leibnitz/Austria

Atem holen. Hineinhören. - Kunstgarten, Graz/Austria


Photo Graz Selection III - Galerija Makina, Pula/Croatia

Das Tier der Zukunft - K3, Pischelsdorf/Austria

Photo Graz Selection III - Galerija Labin, Zagreb/Croatia
Photo Graz Selection III (Online) - Palais Yeniköy, Istanbul/Turkey

Zweitraum Festival - Base, Graz/Austria
Photo Graz Selection III - Technische Universität, Poznań/Poland

Photo Graz Selection III - Oranzerija, Vukovar/Croatia
Photo Graz Selection III - Sklad, Plovdiv/Bulgaria
Der Mensch der Zukunft - K3, Pischelsdorf/Austria
PaperLAB - Papiermachermuseum, Steyrermühl/Austria
Photo Graz Selection III - Hevre, Krakow/Poland
Photo Graz Selection III - ORF Funkhausgalerie, Graz/Austria

Photo Graz 018 - Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz/Austria



2019, Kulturverein KULM, Pischelsdorf/Austria

Public Collections

Land Steiermark

Stadt Graz


2021, Photo Graz 020 Catalogue

2020, Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine

2018, Photo Graz 018 Catalogue

2020, Letizia Plankensteiner Schmuckunikate


In my artistic work I deal with internal and external structures that correlate with each other. Natural forms overlap clear constructions, a flower winds around a fence and fine lines swallow the intense color behind it. My work is a kind of reflection of our current existence, shaped by mutually complementary contradictions.

I'm trying to capture a sense of the zeitgeist rather than reproducing what I have seen and experienced. My works are more of a conjecture than a fact, invisible instead of visible, doubtful instead of firmly convinced. This is also reflected in my choice of materials. I mostly work with graphite, black watercolor and black and white film. This "grey area", which emerges through using these materials describes a space, which is most interesting to me. The in-between space.


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