lives and works in Vienna and Steiermark, Austria

b. 1994 in Graz, Austria

2016 - present University of Applied Arts Vienna 
2008 - 2013 Vienna Fashion Institute, Textile Design

Selected Group Exhibitions


Photo Graz Selection III - Galerija Makina, Pula/Croatia

Das Tier der Zukunft - K3, Pischelsdorf/Austria

Photo Graz Selection III - Galerija Labin, Zagreb/Croatia
Photo Graz Selection III (Online) - Palais Yeniköy, Istanbul/Turkey

Zweitraum Festival - Base, Graz/Austria
Photo Graz Selection III - Technische Universität, Poznań/Poland

Photo Graz Selection III - Oranzerija, Vukovar/Croatia
Photo Graz Selection III - Sklad, Plovdiv/Bulgaria
Der Mensch der Zukunft - K3, Pischelsdorf/Austria
PaperLAB - Papiermachermuseum, Steyrermühl/Austria
Photo Graz Selection III - Hevre, Krakow/Poland
Photo Graz Selection III - ORF Funkhausgalerie, Graz/Austria

Photo Graz 018 - Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz/Austria



2019, Kulturverein KULM, Pischelsdorf/Austria


Art Collection of the City of Graz


2020, Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine

2018, Photo Graz 018 Catalogue

2020, Letizia Plankensteiner Schmuckunikate


In my artistic work I deal with internal and external structures that correlate with each other. Natural forms overlap clear constructions, a flower winds around a fence and fine lines swallow the intense color behind it. My work is a kind of reflection of our current existence, shaped by mutually complementary contradictions.

I'm trying to capture a sense of the zeitgeist rather than reproducing what I have seen and experienced. My works are more of a conjecture than a fact, invisible instead of visible, doubtful instead of firmly convinced. This is also reflected in the choice of mediums, materials, shape and color. I mainly work with graphite, black watercolor, black and white film and text on paper - all mediums, materials and techniques that are very cautious, but strong in their expressiveness and direct translation.

In addition to my drawing practice (including photography and writing), I started working with natural materials, creating experimental floral arrangements, which are an extension of my previous work, moving into other mediums. While there is something melancholic about my drawings, the floral sculptures (which can also be seen as drawings in a way) create a cheerful contrast, bringing healing and joy into a world of despair. However they also reflect on the fragility of being and thus deal with the thematic of climate change.


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